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This is the official Wiki of The Seven Kingdoms Trilogy. You may edit but the admin has rights to delete or edit your input.

What's the News? Edit

The book is being added to more and more everyday! I am working hard to see to that the book is made the best it can. Please excuse the typos and the not-so-good-with-the-code-ness and hopefully  I can figure things out sooner.

The Books Have not Been Published So...Edit

The information that the wiki gives is the only information given to the public. Spoilers are placed through and through, so be warned! The book is not published, so I don't want anything to be edited until the book comes out for accurate information. The pictures for the characters are just to give you an idea of what they look like. Pictures uploaded of them will be added soon, so be patient! :)

Latest activityEdit

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