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Vital statistics
Position Pet
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Snowpaw was found in the woods as a barely weaned kitten, and he was starving. When Kodi hears him she looks around and finds him alone. She feels bad leaving him there and reluctantly takes care of him. She names the tom Snowpaw and keeps him as a pet.


he is very loyal, friendly, but hes not the smartest fellow, due to being half vitaforme.


When Kodi went to the Koraea secret library to find answers, she finds a scroll about Snowpaw. It said that his parents - one a vitaforme, and the other a califorme - abandoned him, his mother didn't want a half vitaforme, and he was an unintentional birth. With himself half vitaforme, he has some intelligence and a good sized lifespan, though he is granted imortality along with the band and a few others.