Moose, the gentle giant.

Being caught as a foal, and forced to work in a concentration camp to work for nephilim, he never really knew what sunlight was like though he had heard about it. 

A group of animals, a little older than he, asked him to help them escape with his best friend Kiesa, to help them escape before the next mutation day helped him out and he was finally free. 

Kiesa and Moose worked as cart delivery (Kiesa did nothing, she was a cat) and they barely got by. When they joined the band, they were very happy to help destroy the force they were taken captive of when they were babes.

Moose meets a mare named Aster (Who later joins the band) and falls in love with her, and later have foals. Leaving Moose in the crossfire of Raven, the evil horse general who had his eye on Aster too.