Mara is a beautiful Red She-Fox.

Mara is very clever, as foxes go, and is very intellectual and specific. She likes to be clean and orderly at all times and is quick to assist others in doing the same. She adores giving "love" and "courtship" advice to Moose, even though she's never had a relationship of her own.

She never has enough time to groom herself. Like everyone, she has problems. Some are obvious, like learning to be humble and to keep her mind of of her tail.

Mara is fiesty, intelligent, tough but docile, and is a gorgeous bright orange. She has a close resemblence to her father Faryn, a pirate ships' captain.

Her father Faryn assigned a bodyguard named Boaras, a grizzly bear, to guard her at all times.

Fun fact: Strangely enough, even though she was born on a pirate ship, she tries to avoid water at all costs, she thinks she looks ugly wet!