Bruce is a chickadee, and commonly thought of as Aster's butler, but he is a study buddy for astronomy. He is very smart and at times prideful.  He prefers people to not talk of his size.


When the band is complete, Kodi , the leader of the band assigns everyone to teams of two. Bruce is naturally paired with Aster, since they have known eachother for several years. He is very useful and as quick wit.  He is much use for the band since he is very smart and good at coming up with plans, like Kodi's brother Kai

He's very bold (Like his kind) and makes courageous foolish excitement. (but not the stupid kind).

Fun Fact: Bruce is 'famous' for his introduction to Aster, "I am Bruce, butler to the fair maiden Aster, Keeper of Secrets, daughter of Aleryn, known as Brightstar by her family, engaged to mighty Prince Raven."