Never make Boaras, Mara's Bodyguard, angry.

Boaras is a Grizzly bear, and Faryn, Mara's Father, hired him to be Mara's body guard and friend when she's not on the ship. He never talks, he just grunts and make noises to get his point across. He can talk, he just never does. 

He is gruff, strong, warrior-like, loyal, patient, serious, brave, huge, kind at heart, and VERY dependable (strongest attribute).

Boaras is Mara's bodyguard, so to speak, by her overprotective father while not aboard the Raptor. Boaras does his job well and has saved Mara countless times from nephilim and other situations. 

Although Mara tries to 'lose him' many times but at heart, she has a deep respect for the silent giant - a respect very rarely from her.